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HVRS Solutions

Navigating Regulatory Waters, Ensuring Healthcare Compliance

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Policies and Procedures (P&Ps), also referred to as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), are essential to keep pharmacies running smoothly and efficiently.

Accredited Pharmacy

Accreditation assures your patients that you have met certain standards and can provide consistent high quality care. 

HVRS Solutions Compliance

HVRS Solutions has proprietary systems to manage all the intricacies of pharmacy licensing and we can take this off of your plate so that you can focus on what you do best: patient care.

Welcome to HVRS Solutions

Your solution for new pharmacy startup, 50 state licensure, accreditation guidance, policy
and procedure development and just overall independent pharmacy business operations.
Our mission is to help independent pharmacy owners succeed.

HVRS Solutions offers guidance for many aspects including accreditation guidance, standard operating procedure development and implementation, 50 state licensure, and new pharmacy startup with HVRS Solutions taking care of the process. So sit back and relax because we’ve got your back! 

We have a wide range of policies and procedures available for purchase and customization including compounding, hazardous, specialty pharmacy and community retail basic opening pharmacy policies for state board of pharmacy compliance. Rest assured that our consultants have extensive experience in many accreditation programs and have a proven track record of success. HVRS Solutions is what’s known as an ACHC Certified Consultant.

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Next Steps…

Give us a call today at (888) 638-1180 or email us to inquire about our services. Just because a service isn’t listed here doesn’t mean we can’t do it!


“I call Lindsay with every compliance question I have because she knows everything!”
-Daniel, clinic owner

“Lindsay is very professional and she’s an excellent resource for all of our pharmacy needs.”
-George, pharmacy owner

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