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It was reported in 2019, that 22.9% of adults in the United States are not able to afford prescriptions drugs. That’s approximately 58 million people. GoodRx has marginally helped patients with this growing issue but pharmacies accepting GoodRx usually lose in the end. A new prescription bidding platform offers the best of both worlds where patients are able to save money on life-saving meds and pharmacies stay in control of the prices they charge.

PriceMyPills is a prescription bidding platform where patients enter the names of their medications on a phone app and pharmacies can bid on those prescriptions with the prices they are willing to offer. Patients can either choose a local pharmacy for pickup or can receive their prescriptions at their door through the mail.

The platform allows pharmacies to maintain control of their prices by only bidding on prescriptions that they are willing to provide lower prices on compared to other pharmacies on the app. This drives competition for pharmacies to offer fair prices on medications which means that patients benefit by getting the best price possible on their meds. Patients don’t need to hassle with coupons and pharmacies don’t have to worry about admin fees that coupons usually charge pharmacies.

Check out the app today and register your pharmacy to gain access to a network of patients already using this innovative platform!

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