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URAC Specialty

The Utilization Review Accreditation Commission is better known as URAC (
URAC is often considered the gold standard for specialty pharmacy accreditation, but they also
accredit other programs such as community pharmacy, mail service pharmacy, and even health
plan and PBM (pharmacy benefit management) accreditations. There are usually measurement
reporting requirements with most URAC accreditation programs. URAC will spend some time
reviewing your policies and may request corrections before performing their on-site survey.


Benefits of Specialty Accreditation

  • Improve service quality and standards

  • Increase accountability

  • Improve operations

  • Ensure recognition

Specialty accreditation will help distinguish a true specialty pharmacy from those which are not
and clear a widespread confusion that has been created between the two over the years.
Becoming accredited is often the first step to establishing your pharmacy as a specialty

It will also increase consumer confidence, considering that a member pharmacy must obtain
one or more accreditation certifications before they can be accredited as a specialty pharmacy.
A seal of approval from an accreditation agency ensures your patients are receiving the highest
quality care available, while setting you apart from other competition. With all other factors
static, patients will likely choose an accredited pharmacy that has been deemed competent by
an independent third party.

Preparation Services Offered:

URAC  Specialty Pharmacy Program – accreditation guidance including policy and procedure development

and training specific to your pharmacy operations.

  • Policy and procedure development

  • Staff training

  • Weekly check-in calls

  • Available to answer questions regarding confusing accreditation standards

  • Several program development and implementation (compliance, performance improvement)

  • On-site mock audit (optional)

  • Accreditnet upload document submission

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