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Verified Pharmacy Program (VPP) 

NABP's Verified Pharmacy Program is the most widely recognized multistage, uniform inspection program accepted by state boards of pharmacy across the nation.

If your pharmacy is seeking nonresident licensure, VPP allows state boards of pharmacy to access your verified pharmacy licensure details, VPP inspection report, inspection responses, and other important data through the use of a secure information sharing network. The program equips the state boards of pharmacy with quality and timely data that can assist in decreasing the time it takes to make licensing decisions. Many state boards are now requiring VPP certification for nonresident licensure.

VPP is ideal for pharmacies that:

  • Need a nonresident pharmacy inspection required by an out-of-state board of pharmacy for renewing or obtaining nonresident licensure.

  • Want to pursue NABP Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation for which VPP is a prerequisite.

Benefits of VPP

  • VPP acts as a supplement to state processes for pharmacies that must renew or obtain nonresident licensure to remain compliant. VPP provides state boards of pharmacy with your verified pharmacy data and a uniform inspection service to assist with licensing decisions.

  • Consolidated inspections for nonresident pharmacies. If an out-of-state board(s) requires a current inspection by a board-approved third party or designated agent, an inspection through VPP may meet this requirement.

  • Demonstrate compounding compliance. Show your pharmacy's compliance to current US Pharmacopeia standards <795> and <797>, for nonsterile and sterile compounding.

Preparation Services Offered:

  • Application completion

  • Policy and procedure development

  • Equipment and audit checklists

  • Inspection preparation

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