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Independent Pharmacies and Drug Manufacturers: Everything You Need to Know

The pandemic has changed the healthcare industry as a whole and independent pharmacies need to do their part in progressing towards this change. HVRS Solutions has recently engaged a foreign drug manufacturer to assist in licensing and FDA requirements to bring life-saving drugs into the United States during this pandemic.

Our company has taken all precautions to find reputable supplies that meet all the requirements. This will help our colleagues provide necessary COVID-19 testing, supplies such as N95 masks and the necessary drugs to aid the treatment of this and many other life-threatening conditions for their communities.

As a country, the United States pays a higher price for drugs compared to other countries. Therefore, gaining access to purchase these medications is not the issue. The main problem is that the majority of the branded and generic medications go to the big market pharmacies.

The FDA approval process for bringing a new pharmaceutical to market is quite lengthy and can span anywhere from 5-20 years. Broadly speaking, the process begins with preclinical research, filing an investigational new drug (IND) application to initiate clinical trials examining efficacy and safety in humans, and seeking regulatory approval with a new drug application (NDA). HVRS Solutions is assisting foreign manufacturers to bring drugs into the U.S. by assisting with this licensing process and generic drug approvals via a streamlined method, speeding up the entire process.

Not only will this benefit the independent pharmacies, but it will boost the market and help with COVID-19 treatments as well as drug shortages throughout the country.

HVRS Solutions is a company comprised of independent pharmacists and pharmacy professionals. They aid the growth of independent pharmacies and give them the resources they need to thrive. HVRS Solutions is helping these small pharmacies gain access to drugs that are in short supply and in high demand. They face this challenge due to the fact that big box pharmacies such as CVS and Walmart receive much of the imported drugs due to high capital and politics of the companies.

HVRS Solutions also provide assistance to independent pharmacies during the board accreditation process, policy and procedure development as well as increasing pharmacy revenue.

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