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The Growing Need for Telepharmacy Services

The demand for telehealth has been growing in recent months. It consists of digital video communication between a healthcare worker and a patient. One sector of this is telepharmacy. The consultation of a pharmacists always puts patients at ease when it comes to their medication. This form of communication is helping many, especially during the COVID era.

These services are growing in importance, especially in the rural areas and for patients who are immunocompromised and cannot risk exposure during face to face consultations. Like physicians and other healthcare workers participating in telepharmacy services, pharmacists are also required to comply with the state’s rules and regulations to maintain privacy of the patient.

Types of telepharmacy services:

  • Medication therapy management (MTM)

  • Chronic disease management (CCM)

  • Transitions of care

  • Pharmacogenomics

  • Remote dispensing

  • Ambulatory care

As an independent pharmacy owner, you can use this to your advantage. If your pharmacy has delivery services, you can use the telehealth service to talk to your patient about the medications they are receiving and answer any important questions they may have. This helps maintain and build a long lasting relationship with the customers.

Create a checklist with all the main points to discuss with the patient and document any questions asked. It is recommended that you keep these records along with the duration and date of the video call.

Video calls can be done via FaceTime, GoogleDuo, Zoom and Skype.

Using telepharmacy in combination with assistance from us at HVRS Solutions, your independent pharmacy can thrive during and post COVID era. Visit HVRS Solutions to learn more. All services are customizable and personalized to your individual business needs.

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