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The Importance of Pharmacy Consultants

When you are a small, independent, or family-owned pharmacy, you may find a lack of resources when it comes to business solutions. This absence can include essential parts of the business like accounting, cost vs. goods analysis, quality assurance, compliance, licensing, strategies, and so much more.

The need for pharmacy solutions and resources can come at a price for your pharmacy; however, hiring consultants could be the way to move your team into the future.

What Are Compliance Consultants?

Pharmacy compliance consultants provide the pharmacy supply chain sector with organizationalstrategies, the latest news on federal and state rules and regulations, basic compliance, accreditation guidance, quality assurance, goods vs. cost benefits, licensing services, and many other categories independent or chain pharmacies may not have at their immediate disposal.

When to Reach Out to Consultants

When you are looking to see if it is the right time for pharmacy consultants to join your team, consider the following:

What expertise are you looking for?

Does anyone on your team have the necessary knowledge? If you’re looking to grow your social media presence, does that team member understand how to market your company through social media effectively? Posting pictures of their pet doesn’t mean they know what a social media strategy, analysis, and targeting are.

What is your timeframe?

If you’re looking for someone to do extra work inside a budgeted schedule, chances are they will be overworked and will miss other important deadlines. Five hours a week adds up to 260 hours a year. Wouldn’t your team member have a more productive time being responsible for the items they were hired for instead?

How much can you spend?

Having a fiscal budget for your employees to do specific projects is a great way to move production forward; however, hiring someone full-time to do tasks that are not fully year-round can be a waste of your resources. Giving someone the job of research and development will help your company know what is up and coming. Still, if they aren’t responsible for other items, chances are they may be sitting around for a while before another project comes up.

When you hire a consultant to do part-time work, you pay for the work you get. An hourly rate may seem high, but in the long run, it can be less expensive than hiring someone to be on-staff all the time.

Finding the Right Pharmacy Consultant Partners

When you decide that hiring a consultant is the right choice for you, ensuring that the company has consultants who interact well with you, your team, and your company is a great way to help grow your business.

An outsourced consultant should come from reputable sources; make sure to do your homework, check reviews, look at references, and keep your ear to the ground for consultants that you believe will fit in with your standards, team, mission, and values.

Not all consultants are going to be the right fit for you. Interviews, proposals, and bids are a great way to get to know the groups you are looking at and determine how much their fees will cost you in the short- and long-term.

The HVRS Solutions Approach

HVRS Solutions is a group of independent pharmacists and pharmacy professionals just like you. They noticed the lack of resources for small business owners and wanted to become part of the solution.

HVRS Solutions assists independent pharmacy owners to accomplish progressive operations such as accreditations, policy and procedure implementation, and revenue and profit expansion.


Independent and family-owned pharmacies lack the resources larger companies have due to revenue and bandwidth. Hiring someone full-time can cost way more in the long term and may have little cost-to-benefit ratio for your company. Consultants can help streamline procedures, business, technologies, etc., that you may not otherwise be able to get.

At HVRS Solutions, our mission is to help independent pharmacy businesses grow while thinking outside of the box and going the extra mile to benefit the patient.

Our vision is that the independent pharmacy sector grows and flourishes in the face of adversity and ever-changing playing fields.


Contact our consultants today, and find out if HVRS Solutions is right for you!

Website: Contact Us | Hvrs ( • Email:

Phone: 800-962-8760 x 113

Address: 812 W MLK Jr Blvd • Ste 202 • Tampa, FL 33603


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